T-Shirt Printing


We help you to configure the right modules, services, and add-ons best suited for your needs.

Sales Module

Brands & Retailers can manage all On-Demand customer orders and sales channels. Includes:

  • Order Manager

  • Order Acceptance

  • Product Feeds

Catalog Module

Brands and Retailers can design, create, and manage On-Demand products across sales channels. Includes:

  • Product Manager

  • Product Designer

  • Product Approvals & Onboarding

  • Proof Manager

Production Module

Fulfillers can turn On-Demand orders into print jobs and organize them ready for production. Includes:

  • Order List, Production Jobs, and Bins

  • Product Blanks

  • Inventory and Stock requests

  • Scheduling Rules

Floor Module

Fulfillers can automate production and fulfillment on the print shop floor with a bar-code workflow. Includes:

  • Printing Station 

  • Quality Control, Branding stations

  • Kitting, Sewing stations

  • Packing and Dispatch station

We understand that every one of our clients has a different requirement and objective for their On-Demand business.


Besides the core modules, we offer bespoke development and numerous off-the-shelf integrations and plug ins. Some examples are shown below.